ISDN2 NBN Solution

Thanks to the advancement of the internet in Australia previous copper based solutions are now being phased out. This has left many businesses with a real predicament, do we upgrade our existing phone solution. The answer isn’t always clear cut and can leave a lot of unforeseen operational issues, not to mention the cost involved in such an exercise.  To mitigate this issue, we have developed a business grade solution that allows your business to upgrade your telephone solution anytime, when it actually suits your business budget and requirements.

The solution overall is quite simple in design.  We provision a special NBN service designed for our ISDN2 solution. The NBN service connects into our ISDN device which then connects directly to your existing PBX allowing your business to keep the existing PBX in place.

  • 2 concurrent calls/lines
  • 1 Phone number
  • Full business grade service to ensure 99.9% SLA
  • Unlimited landline, mobile, 1300 and 1800 calls ( subject to fair use policy )
  • International call rates available upon request