Hosted PBX

In the past, when an enterprise wanted to connect callers with employees without having a separate line for each one of them connected directly to the telephone provider’s office, they would use an analogue PBX (Private Branch Exchange) system. A system like this makes it possible for all employees to share a much smaller number of external phone lines. Consequently, enterprises could scale up their infrastructures more efficiently and cut down on costs.

The main problem with traditional PBX systems is the technological burden that comes with them. A company must not only invest in expensive hardware but also in ongoing maintenance. Larger companies have no other option than to establish their own IT departments just to maintain a hardware infrastructure that’s often obsolete even before its full implementation.

We at Practical Applications offer a new kind of PBX systems called Virtual PBX, or just VPBX. As the name suggests, this type of PBX no longer relies on a physical hardware infrastructure. Instead, it integrates with your existing data systems and operates over the internet. Our VPBX system can do everything an old PBX system can but at a fraction of the cost and with many extra features.

A Practical Applications Virtual PBX system offers the essential qualities of enterprise-grade voice quality together with a remarkable stability, a predictable monthly pricing structure, and features that allow your employees to work from anywhere seamlessly.

Let Us Handle The Technology

The technology you use to do business is just one of many tools in your toolbox. All good chefs know about the importance of working with sharp knives, but they seldom sharpen them themselves. Instead, they have someone who does it for them.

We operate in a similar manner. The hosted PBX from Practical Applications is hosted and managed at Next DC data centre. You simply connect to the Practical Applications Network, purchase as many headsets as you need, and start cooking.

In case your metaphorical knives start to get dull and need replacement, we will do all the heavy lifting for you, seamlessly implementing upgrades as technology improves.

Focus on Your Core Business

According to a study by Sage Research, the average Virtual PBX system requires 4.7 hours less support time per week. The time our hosted PBX system saves you allows you to focus better on your core business and customers.

PBX support and management could not be simpler with Practical Applications. You can do all common administrative tasks, such as extension additions and number allocations, directly from your desktop. As far as other things are concerned, we will do our very best to keep your system running without a hitch.

It will not be just you who will notice the improvement—your customers will too. A significant percentage of participants in the Sage Research study reported less customer frustration as a direct consequence of using modern, mobile-ready Virtual PBX systems.

Flexible Solutions

Hosted PBX solutions from Practical Applications are based on our desire to nurture honest, mutually-beneficial business relationships. We are not fond of lock-in contracts nor hidden fees. After the cost of the initial setup, you pay only $19 per user per month.

The price includes premium support, 99.9% uptime guarantee, remote configuration, call queues, ring and hunt groups, auto attendant, time-based routing, mobile phone diversions, outbound dialling control, on-hold music, voicemail, CRM called ID lookup, and much more.